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Was supposed to fly originally from Newark to denver to mauii via united....checked website 24 hrs to ensure found flight Newark to denver to sanjose.enter Alaska from sanjose to mauii.flight arrives@ flight leaves@ 1130......get off plane, hit the head,go to Alaska to get boarding pass...nasty lady behind counter says we can't get on plane,we are late...plane still@ terminal,still hooked up to terminal power pass,she wont let us on plane...well too bad she says.."we take reservations all the time and people don't get flights..we dowhat we want".....this is no customer service and get the run b.s. told me they would re route my flight but I have to get myself to sanfran airport from sanjose because theybare not doubt hey are not responsible and no customer service......unbelievable to be dumped on so terribley bad.....I just bought a timeshare in mauii and will NEVER fly Alaska any where ever again!

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Neber fly alaska airlines!


If you missed the cut off time and the airplane door is closed then FAA rules apply and you cannot board--even if anything is still connected to the aircraft.

As far as Alaska customer service, despite your experience they have ranked in the top of all domestic airlines consistently for many years now.

to 4Justice #776626

You are an Alaska airlines troll.

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